What to Wear in Morocco (for Both Men and Women)

· Morocco is one of the most popular countries to visit in Africa, but many tourists are unsure of what to wear. ·

Aug, 09, 2022

Morocco has been a popular place to visit for decades, and the recent surge in tourism to Morocco is nothing new for this Northwestern African country. Morocco has a lot of unique experiences to offer tourists, including desert excursions, camel rides, delicious cuisine, packed markets, and stunning mosques. In fact, for these reasons we included Morocco on our list of favorite countries that we have visited, and we included Marrakech on our list of the best cities to visit in 2022.

A trip to Morocco is bound to be a good one! Before traveling, though, many tourists are unsure of what to wear in Morocco. Being a predominantly Muslim country, Morocco tends to be more conservative than most western countries.

But just how much does that affect tourists? This post is going to answer this question, including what to wear as a female tourist in Morocco, and if it is okay to wear shorts in Morocco.

How Conservative Is Morocco?

Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, and its deep ties to Islam make it a more traditional and conservative place than most other western countries. This conservatism looks differently throughout different parts of the country, and it would be inaccurate to provide a generalization of what to expect in Morocco.

Desert communities are vastly different from major cities, and even the differences between major cities are quite different. Casablanca is a more liberal city, for example, while Rabat and Marrakech are more conservative places. This is much like in the United Arab Emirates, where Dubai is considered a more liberal city, while Abu Dhabi is considered more conservative.

On average, it is perfectly fair to say that Morocco is a conservative country. But that doesn’t mean that everyone in Morocco is conservative.

While the majority of the country is more conservative than not, there are plenty of people who do not fall into that bucket. In fact, generally speaking, Morocco is one of the least conservative countries in the Arab World.

If you read my Dubai travel guide, you likely read the section on what to wear in Dubai, and the typical attire for foreigners in both countries is similar. While many blogs or guides will tell you that there is no dress code in Morocco, I am of a different mindset. While you can get away with wearing just about anything, it doesn’t mean that you should.

This is especially true if you are traveling during Ramadan. This post is going to look at what to wear in Morocco from the lenses of both what is accepted and what is recommended, as they are very different things.

Is it OK to Wear Shorts in Morocco?

Morocco is a pretty hot country to visit most of the time. A large part of the country is located in the Sahara Desert, and that desert heat can be felt all over the place. Even a visit in early spring is bound to be a bit toasty!

Naturally, you may wonder is it OK to wear shorts in Morocco? Generally speaking, yes, you can wear shorts in Morocco. However, there are a few things to know about this.

While shorts are acceptable, they’re not necessarily stylish.

Most people in Morocco wear long pants or skirts, so you will probably not blend in wearing shorts. Additionally, if you do wear shorts, it is advisable that you wear shorts that are knee length, as modesty is very important when visiting Arab countries.

While you can wear shorter shorts – it is not illegal – that doesn’t mean that you should. It is a bit countercultural, and it may be seen as disrespectful by some and attract unwanted attention from others.

What Should Men Wear in Morocco?

As a man, it is very easy to dress fashionably and respectfully in Morocco. On my previous trips to Morocco, I have worn fitted jeans and slacks all the time on bottom and either plain t-shirts, polo shirts, or button-down shirts on top. Short sleeves are perfectly fine, but tank tops are not recommended, for modesty purposes.

While it is definitely hot, I got comfortable wearing long pants in the heat pretty quickly. Sneakers are also perfectly acceptable.

What Should Women Wear in Morocco?

Dressing fashionably as a female tourist in Morocco is not difficult. It just requires a bit of planning and foresight before you travel. Just like the men, it is advisable that women wear either longer skirts or longer pants when traveling to Morocco.

On the bottom, jeans, maxi-skirts, dresses and slacks are perfectly acceptable for female tourists in Morocco. As a rule of thumb, it is best to wear bottoms that are at least knee length, and preferably longer. Similarly, loose-fitting items are preferred over tightly-fitting items.

Long skirts, harem pants, and scarves should be your primary attire as a lady in Morocco.

On top, it is important to note that cleavage and midriff shouldn’t really be exposed. Again, this isn’t a matter of legality, but of respect for local culture and customs.

While there will probably be some other people wearing crop tops or low-cut tops, this is not the best idea. While many people think of Morocco and Aladdin in the same realm, Aladdin is actually an Indian story.

Moroccan attire looks nothing like Princess Jasmine’s, and showing skin in public (as either a man or a woman) is typically viewed as disrespectful. The standards for men and women are actually very similar – it’s just that western attire for women tends to be further from the Moroccan standard than western attire for men is.

Can You Wear Leggings in Morocco?

This is a very popular question that women traveling to Morocco have. Can you wear leggings in Morocco? Or, similarly, can you wear skinny jeans in Morocco?

The answer to both of these things is yes, you can wear both leggings and skinny jeans in Morocco. However, they are not the best things to wear in Morocco.

If you wear leggings or skinny jeans in Morocco, you should absolutely plan on wearing a long top that covers your butt entirely. This applies equally to men, too.

Form-fitting clothing is not illegal in Morocco, but it is not the most respectful choice, either.

Wearing a shirt or top that hangs down past your butt is the best way to compromise between the modesty standards of Morocco and your own wardrobe and style.

Couple dressed in black in front minaret at Hassan II Mosque in Casa Blanca
Angel packs leggings, but notice that her whole outfit is black, non-flashy, and her baggy shirt falls mid-thigh.

What Do You Wear to the Beach in Morocco?

This is one of the biggest questions that people have concerning attire in Morocco. Can you wear a bikini in Morocco? Can you wear a swimsuit in Morocco at all?

There are so many questions about what you wear to the beach in Morocco, and they all make sense to ask. After all, with Morocco being a more conservative country, it only makes sense to wonder these things!

The answer varies depending where you are, but generally you can wear a bikini to the beach in Morocco without much of an issue. The beaches in traditional cities like Rabat may be a bit more conservative than others, but generally speaking modesty on the beach is less of a concern than modesty in the streets.

Angel wore a bikini when swimming in the coast along El Jadid, but during our beach walks she opted for a classic white ankle length skirt and scarf.

female model in white dress and blue scarf laughing on a beach in el jadid
female model in white dress and blue scarf dancing on a beach in el jadid
female model in white dress and blue scarf dancing on a beach in el jadid

Now, I don’t advise wearing a bikini in Morocco if you have other options. If you have a more conservative swimsuit, I would recommend wearing it.

However, if you don’t have a one-piece swimsuit and don’t have an opportunity to buy one, you don’t really need to worry. Wearing a bikini on most beaches in Morocco is fine.

If you’re unsure, just look at what the people around you are wearing. If they are all in very conservative attire, maybe opt for shorts and a t-shirt on the beach instead.

For men, in this case, there is less to worry about. Shorts on the beach are perfectly acceptable for both men and women, and men are permitted to go topless on the beach.

female model in white dress and blue scarf laughing on a beach in el jadid
silhouette of ballerina twirling with a scarf on el jadid beach morocco

What Should You NOT Wear in Morocco?

Throughout this post, I have mentioned several times that wearing less conservative clothing is legal but not preferred. Skinny jeans, for example, don’t break any laws or warrant any arrests, but they do send the wrong message in some places and attract unwanted attention if not properly styled.

At The Present Perspective, we always do our best to pay tribute to local customs and ideals, and we have found that doing this really helps us to form better connections with local people when we travel to new countries. If this is what you want to do, and you are wondering what clothes may be seen as disrespectful in Morocco, here is a general list of things to avoid wearing in Morocco, or to wear only in touristy areas of major cities:

What Bottoms Should You not Wear in Morocco?

 DON'T WEAR - Skinny and ripped jeans (more acceptable with a shirt covering the butt)

 DON'T WEAR - Leggings (more acceptable with a shirt covering the butt)

 DON'T WEAR - Form-fitting dresses and skirts

 DON'T WEAR - Shorts, dresses, or skirts that don’t reach at least the knees

What Tops Should You not Wear in Morocco?

 DON'T WEAR - Crop tops

 DON'T WEAR - Deep V-necks or tops that expose cleavage

 DON'T WEAR - Tank tops

Hopefully this post answered any questions you have about what to wear in Morocco. We’ve always had really great experiences in Morocco, and following the tips in this post can help you to fit in more closely with the Moroccan people while you make your own memories, too. If you are considering traveling to Morocco, I highly recommended reading my guide to finding affordable airfare.


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