Saint Martin

Did you know there’s a Caribbean island where airplanes fly less than 100 feet above a touristy beach?

This island is Saint Martin.

Saint Martin is one of the most interesting islands in the Caribbean. As half of the island is part of France and the other half is part of the Netherlands, Saint Martin is filled with sharp cultural contrasts. From outlet types, to language, to currency and more, Saint Martin is vastly different depending where you are on the island. As a result, the island’s name can be properly spelled either Saint Martin, which is the French way, or Sint Maarten, which is the Dutch way.

Other than its cultural contrasts, Saint Martin’s biggest claim to fame is its airport. Its airport’s runway is way short and located right next to a popular beach, which results in airplanes flying dangerously low over tourists during takeoff and landing. One of the most popular things to do in Saint Martin is to hold onto the fence at the end of the runway while a plane takes off, as the winds from the engines are sometimes strong enough to send people flying into the sea.


  • World's Steepest Zipline

  • Maho Airport Beach

  • Downtown Philipsburg




TYPE C & E / european on the French side, Type a & B / American on the Dutch side


(french side)
(dutch side)


(french side)
Antillean Guilder (dutch side)

Is Saint Martin one country, two countries, or no country?