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Hi There! We’re Angel and Greg

We’re avid travelers with a special dedication to living in the moment and embracing the cultural and natural beauties of the places we visit. We think there’s no better way to learn about the world around us than by traveling, and we take our kids along with us on every adventure.

We met in college and bonded over our mutual love of travel and appreciation for cultures around the world. After getting married and moving to Mexico, we decided to build this website to empower others to seek opportunities to travel and see the world.

Why We Blog

While living in Mexico for two years, we started to document our experiences. From dealing with corrupt police to highlighting some of the best things to do in Puebla (our home city), we realized that our expertise could be valuable to other travelers and tourists.

We initially just wrote about our time in Mexico, but when readers asked us to write about some of our other favorite places, we just couldn’t say no. What started as our friends and families asking us for travel tips flourished into a full-fledged business that has helped over a million people to plan their trips.

We aim to write the best posts that we can, for the sole purpose of helping others to make the decision to get out and see the world. Now, whether you’re looking for tips about traveling to Egypt, France, Mexico or the 40+ other countries that we’ve visited, we have you covered

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Places Where We Have Traveled or Lived

Our passion to travel knows no end, and we aim to visit every country in the world eventually. We’ve lived in countries all over the world, including the United States, Italy, China, Mexico, and Australia. Beyond that, we’ve traveled extensively through over 50 countries all over the world, including:

📍 Australia – Sydney, Tasmania, Melbourne, Cairns, The Gold Coast

📍Austria – Vienna, Salzburg, Westendorf

📍The Bahamas – Nassau

📍Bangladesh – Chittagong

📍Belgium – Brussels, Brugge

📍Belize – Belize City

📍Brazil –Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo

📍Bulgaria – Sofia

📍Canada – Nova Scotia, St. John’s, Toronto

📍China – Beijing, Shanghai

📍Costa Rica – San Jose

📍Croatia* – Dubrovnik

📍Cuba – Havana

📍Czechia – Prague

📍Denmark – Copenhagen

📍Dominican Republic – La Romana

📍Ecuador – Guayaquil

📍Egypt – Cairo, Dahab, Giza, Mount Sinai

📍England – Bath, London

📍France – Colmar, Normandy, Paris, Reims, Strasbourg

📍Germany – Berlin, Cologne, Dachau, Munich, Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber, Chiemsee

📍Greece – Athens, Monemvassia, Mykonos, Nafplio, Paxios, Corfu, Santorini

📍Honduras – Roatan

📍Hungary – Budapest

📍India – Agra, Delhi, Jaisalmer, Udhaipur

📍Indonesia* – Bali


📍Ireland – Dublin, Galway

📍Italy – Agrigento, Amalfi Coast, Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Isernia, Lake Como, Lecce, Milan, Modena, Naples, Paestum, Palermo, Rome, Siena, Turin, Urbino, Venice

📍Lithuania– Vilnius

📍Luxembourg – Luxembourg City

📍Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

📍Malta – St. Julian’s, Blue Lagoon, Valetta

📍Mexico –

📍Montenegro – Kotor

📍Morocco – Casablanca, El Jadida, Essaouira, Marrakech, Rabat

📍New Zealand – Auckland, Cathedral Cove, Franz Josef, Haast, Milford Sound, Mount Aspiring, Queenstown, Roys Peak, Wanaka

📍Oman – Muscat

📍Pamana – Ola, Panama City

📍Poland – Krakow, Auschwitz

📍Puerto Rico – El Yunque, Ponce, San Juan

📍Romania – Bran, Brasov, Bucharest

📍Russia – Moscow

📍San Marino – San Marino

📍Singapore – Singapore

📍Slovakia – Bratislava

📍Slovenia – Ljubljana

📍Spain – Barcelona

📍St. Martin – St. Martin

📍Switzerland – St. Moritz, Zurich

📍United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai

📍United States of America – 40/50 states

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