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The Present Perspective was formed out of our personal mission to live in the moment and embrace every opportunity that comes our way – big or small.


We believe that religion is one of the most precious aspects of any culture. Our Catholic faith inspires us to seek beauty in the world – in people, places, and experiences. We prioritize learning as much as we can about the local religions and how they influence the local culture.


As a growing young family, we are eager to share the treasures of the world with our children. While many people see children as an obstacle to travel, we welcome them as companions. We’ve also learned plenty of tricks that make family travel less stressful and more affordable.


Life is short, and the world is pretty big. While there is no way to see it all, we will certainly die trying. Every destination – a town, city, or country – is packed with wonder, and this wonder continually inspires us to seek more.

What Is The Present Perspective?

The Present Perspective is a platform we created to store our memories and share our experiences. Through all of our travels, we’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons. We aim to share these lessons and inspire you to seek out these experiences yourselves.

Dad with a baby on shoulders overlooking the Swiss Alps on Bernina Express


If he’s not busy writing about travel…it’s probably because he’s planning a trip. Greg is our trip planner, chief writer, and logistics coordinator. His passion for foreign languages is what inspired him to travel in the first place, and it comes in handy in some way on just about every international trip.

mother bundled in jacekt and scarf holding baby in winter jacket and hat in the desert during sunrise


You will most likely find her breastfeeding. If her hands aren't full with a child, you can find her sipping some boba tea while she manages all of our social medias. Her favorite content to create is our family home videos on Youtube. She loves the beach and being awoken by the sound of birds chirping.

Adorable 6 month old baby smiling on the marble floor at Galleria early in the morning in milan


As our featured model, Nicola’s smile and curiosity bring us joy on every trip. Traveling with toddlers comes with some challenges, but his giggles and wonder more than make everything worthwhile.

As to the past, let us entrust it to God’s mercy, the future to divine Providence.
Our task is to live holy the present moment.

~St. Gianna Molla

Our Story

From college students to a  professional travel family in three years

We Met at Villanova University during a Charity Run

The ironic part is that neither of us likes to run

On September 25, 2016, without knowing each other, we each signed up for a charity 5K race run by a local crisis pregnancy center.

As just a freshman and a sophomore in college, we never expected to meet our soulmate at a random park on a random Sunday in a random Philadelphia suburb at a 5K race…

…especially considering neither of us really likes running.

5k runners posing for victory picture
Meeting at our local Pregnancy Center 5K

Spring breaks in Europe

husband offering the golden chalice holding blood of christ to his wife at their wedding mass

We Married in 2020

Yes, we were a pandemic wedding

That day didn’t feel like much at the time. We wouldn’t even start dating for almost a full year. But without a doubt, this day was the start of something truly magical.

We dated and quickly discovered each other’s passion for traveling, which led us to travel together over every university break, spend a summer together working in Shanghai, and ultimately plan a wedding at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City.

We Moved to Mexico Right After Our Honeymoon

There is no amount of adventure that will fully satisfy our desire to explore

The Covid-19 pandemic threw a wrench in our Vatican wedding plans, but after some help tying the knot in Pittsburgh, we followed through on our plan to move abroad to start our married life.

We enrolled in graduate school in Puebla, Mexico, and spent the next two years studying, strengthening our new marriage, and exploring almost every corner of Mexico.

man and woman on tepotzlan mountain overlooking mexican town
man and woman with bicycles standing in front of orange road sign

The Pressent Perspective Was Created

Along with our growing family!

After enough people reached out asking for travel tips or destination guides, we decided to go all in and create a place where we could house all of our experiences, both as memories for us and tools for others.

Since then, we have documented our experiences in over 50 countries and 35 U.S. states, provided all of our top tips for air travel, explained ways to see the world while operating on a tight budget, and spilled the beans on everything to know about traveling with babies and toddlers.

Don't be strangers

One of the biggest parts of embracing the present is investing in new friendships and bonds, and we are always here to help with your traveling needs.

When you read one of our blog posts, scroll through our Instagram feed, or watch one of our YouTube videos, we want you to truly feel like a friend.

Don’t be a stranger – subscribe to our Youtube channel, follow us on Instagram, and let us know what you think when you’re done reading a blog post.

And most of all, Stay Present