Have you ever been to a country that uses brightly colored Chevy muscle cars from the 1960s as taxis instead of boring yellow cabs?

This country is Cuba.

Known for its mojitos, the best cigars in the world, and it’s vibrant culture, Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean and famously sits just 103 miles away from the American state of Florida. Cuba has been run by a brutal communist regime for generations, but it’s most popular areas are quite safe and enjoyable to visit, despite the island’s fluctuating economic health.

Havana is the country’s capital and biggest city, and it is one of my favorite cities in the world. Known for its electric nightlife, ingrained cigar culture, unique classic muscle car taxis, and the Rumba style of dancing, Havana is an incredible unique city that is stuck in time. Outside of Havana, visitors often head to Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba, and Varadero for jaw-dropping beaches and quaint colonial areas.


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