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Have you ever visited Vienna, the city that is ranked among the best cities to live in every year?

This country is Austria.

Austria is a Central European country with one of the richest histories and cultures on the continent. As the heart of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, Austria has seen its fair share of global prestige throughout the ages. Its capital city of Vienna is ranked year after year as one of the best cities to live in in the world, and it is just as nice to visit as it is to live in. From its ornate opera house to its adorned Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna is a city whose beauty never disappoints.

Austria has a lot more to offer visitors than just Vienna, though! From The Sound of Music’s Salzburg to its many ski towns in the Alps, Austria has places that appeal to just about any traveler. For an extra unique experience, be sure to check out the Tyrol region in the west, which is known for its epic skiing and folk traditions.


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