The Cabins at Don Tomas Vineyard: Review of Our Stay [2023]

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Aug, 10, 2023

If you’re heading to Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California any time soon, it’s important that you pick the right place to stay. Having the perfect accommodation can really take your experience to the next level and provide you with an unforgettable trip.

As a travel writer who has stayed in all types of accommodation at every star level all over the world, I highly recommend that you check out the cabins at the Don Tomas Vineyard.

The Cabins at Don Tomas are very new; in fact, there are more still being built. When we were looking for a place to stay, we decided that we wanted to stay somewhere unique. While there are some nice boutique hotels scattered throughout Valle de Guadalupe and there are many great hotel options in Ensenada, we opted for the luxury cabin experience, and are so happy that we did.

This review will point out the top reasons why you should consider staying at Don Tomas on your next Valle de Guadalupe trip, and hopefully will answer any questions you might have.

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If you want to see the cabin that we stayed in, our YouTube Video will take you through a cabin tour showing you every nook and cranny and share our honest opinion about the grounds.

What Are the Cabins Like?

The cabins at Don Tomas Vineyard are absolutely lovely. While not every one of the cabins are the same, there are some things you can always look forward to if you book a cabin at Don Tomas Vineyard.

Firstly, they all have the basics: a very comfortable bed, a coffee maker, a shower, a bathroom, daily cleaning, and an iron for your clothes. These things should be expected anywhere, clearly, and Don Tomas meets that need.

Don Tomas Cabins Offer Luxe Touches

However, where Don Tomas begins to earn its points are some of the extra features. Every cabin has a floor to ceiling window that is an entire wall (and most have a spectacular view), a spacious porch right outside of that giant window, and a beautifully decorated, vineyard-inspired interior.

All cabins also include a parking space and a remote control that provides 24-hour access past the security gate, as it remains closed at night to everyone except for guests.

Every cabin has a floor to ceiling window that is an entire wall (and most have a spectacular view), a spacious porch right outside of that giant window, and a beautifully decorated, vineyard-inspired interior.

The Skylight and Windows Are Wonderful

One of the best features of some of the cabins is the skylight. While not every cabin has one (ours actually didn’t), the ones that do have an absolutely stunning view of the sky. As Valle de Guadalupe is many miles away from the nearest city, there is no sky pollution at all, and the views of the night sky are incredible.

However, the skylight isn’t the only window with a great view! If you stay in one of the cabins that are a bit further from the vineyard’s restaurant and tasting room, you’ll be able to wake up and look out at the rolling mountains that surround the Valle de Guadalupe.

The view is incredible, and I can’t imagine a better way to spend a Valle de Guadalupe evening than with a bottle of fine wine on the porch of one of these cabins looking out at the mountains. Trust me – it’s serene.

If you decide to take our advice and stay at the Cabins at Don Tomas Vineyard, you should be sure to request a cabin with a mountain view and a skylight!

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What Amenities Does Don Tomas Vineyard Offer?

Don Tomas Vineyard is young, and the cabins are even younger. The Vineyard only opened in 2014, the restaurant only opened in 2017, and the cabins are even younger than that, only opening in 2018.

As a result, some things are still in construction and being figured out – but they’re doing an incredible job! I have no doubt that Don Tomas will soon be one of the premier places to stay in all of Valle de Guadalupe.

full-service restaurant

There is a full-service restaurant and tasting room on the grounds, and the restaurant is open for all three meals of the day. It has both indoor and outdoor seating, and the outdoor seating is lovely.

It does close a bit early on weekdays, but if you take this into account and eat an early dinner you won’t have any problems. They also offer room service if you feel like staying in your cabin, which is a huge perk!

Wine tastings

The food is very good and very well-priced, especially for the region, which tends to be pricier than most Mexican destinations. During the day, you can also schedule a wine tasting, which I highly recommend. The wines are fantastic and the service is great. While you can do it at a restaurant table, I’d recommend opting to do it in the tasting room for a better experience.

In fact, if you reserve a stay in the cabins and tell them that you read the post by The Present Perspective, your wine tasting will be free!


There are two other big amenities that come to mind. Firstly, there is a gorgeous outdoor pool! This was recently added, and is an incredible addition to an already fantastic location.


While the town center and many of the vineyards are too far to visit on a bike, there are a handful of restaurants and vineyards that can be reached within 5-15 minutes on a bike. Most of the roads in Valle de Guadalupe are dirt roads, but the bikes are well-equipped to handle the terrain.

Regarding location, the vineyard is located in a great spot. If you have a car, you can reach most of the region’s most famous vineyards in less than 20 minutes, with some being under 10.

If you’re looking for a peaceful and private place to spend your Valle de Guadalupe trip without having to drive a long distance to get to the heart of the valley, this is the place for you.

excellent service

As a side-note, the service is also top notch and highly attentive. A few times during our stay we needed assistance, and they very happily went out of their way to help us – including sending a van to pick us up when we got lost walking in the winding roads of the valley!

All in all, we had a fantastic stay, and we wouldn’t think twice about where to stay on our next trip to Valle de Guadalupe.

Don Tomas is a fantastic, family-centric place to stay and offers very competitive rates. If you’re heading to Valle de Guadalupe soon, look no further. I really hope this review helped you to plan your accommodation for your Valle de Guadalupe trip.

Also, don’t forget to use the booking code THEPRESENTPERSPECTIVE if you book on the phone, as they’ve agreed to offer all of my readers a free wine tasting if they stay in the cabins!

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