The Top 5 Lesser Known Vineyards to Visit in Valle de Guadalupe

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Apr, 16, 2021

During our trip to Valle de Guadalupe, we visited a bunch of really incredible vineyards. Valle de Guadalupe is absolutely stuffed with incredible vineyards and many of them are extremely well known. While we visited a bunch of these upper-echelon wineries, we really had an incredible time visiting smaller, lesser-known Vineyards as well. In this post we’ll outline our picks of the best vineyards in Valle de Guadalupe that you should visit. If you’re in the middle of planning your next Valle de Guadalupe trip, I also recommend that you check out my Valle de Guadalupe Travel Guide for tips and advice regarding your trip.

You can see our whole Valle de Guadalupe trip in our Vlog!

1. Vena Cava Vineyard

While it is easily the most popular and famous Valle de Guadalupe vineyard on this list and is on the border between fame and being “lesser-known,” we couldn’t help but put Vena Cava vineyard first on this list. Vena Cava is one of the best vineyards in all of Valle de Guadalupe, and you really need to include it on your next trip to Mexican wine country. The wines here were top-notch, the vineyard itself is gorgeous, and the views of the rest of the Valle de Guadalupe are stunning. They have a peaceful pond with ducks overlooking a massive mountain range. They also have a gourmet food truck named Troika that is set up outside of the tasting room. Our favorite wines here were the Vena Cava Mezcla Especial Red Blend and Sauvignon Blanc.

Enjoy a duck pond at the foot of the Mexican mountains at Vena Cava.

2. Xecue Vineyard

This place is really neat. Xecue Vineyard is devoted to commemorating the cultures of the native people of Baja California. Each of their wines is named after a type of family member, like “daughter” and “father,” and all of the names are in the local native language. While we didn’t try the food, we thoroughly enjoyed their wine tasting. The restaurant and tasting room share an outdoor terrace with absolutely stunning views. Our favorite wines here were the Xecue Kekoo Grenache Rose and the Xecue Kumeey Red Blend.

view of mexican green mountains under blue sky

The views at Xecue are gorgeous.

3. Vinos Dubacano Valle de Guadalupe

Vinos Dubacano has some really, really good wines. It’s necessary to specify that you want their Valle de Guadalupe location, because their vineyard is actually located in another region a couple hours south of Valle de Guadalupe. While you’ll only be able to visit a tasting room and can’t walk around the vineyard (since it’s hours away), it is still really worth the visit. Their wines are magnificent and have flavors that are slightly different than the rest of Valle de Guadalupe because of their different growing climate. Our favorites were the Dubacano Gran Reserva Merlot and the Dubacano Tempranillo. If you’ve never heard about Tempranillo or are curious about the varieties of wines that Valle de Guadalupe is known for, check out my Valle de Guadalupe Wine Guide.

4. Don Tomas Viñedo

Now, we may be a little bit biased because we stayed in a luxury cabin on this vineyard for the duration of our trip, but really, the wines are pretty good. The staff here is extremely friendly, the vineyard is beautiful, and the food is really great. They’re also very amenable to people that forgot to make a reservation, so if you’re having trouble booking wine tastings, check out the wine tasting at Don Tomas Vineyard. Our favorite wines here were the Setecientos 700 Reales Cabernet Sauvignon – Nebbiolo blend and the Linaje Cabernet Sauvignon. If you’re interested in staying in a luxury cabin while you’re in Valle de Guadalupe, check out our review of the Cabins at Don Tomas Vineyard and check out our YouTube video on the place.

We booked our stay in Don Tomas’ vineyard cabins. You can read about our excellent experience with them HERE.

5. Corona del Valle Vineyard

The wines at Corona del Valle were really good, but the best part is their food and their atmosphere. They have an outdoor beer garden type of area as well as an indoor restaurant and tasting room. We came here for lunch and a wine tasting and wound up going back for dinner just because of how great our first experience was. While their Malbec left me a little disappointed, the Corona del Valle Sauvignon Blanc and Tempranillo are magnificent. The Sauvignon Blanc at Corona del Valle is probably the best white wine we had on our whole trip.

Corona del Valle is a fantastic spot to enjoy a sunset.

Thanks for reading our list of the top 5 lesser-known vineyards in Valle de Guadalupe! Hopefully you enjoy the wines at these under-the-radar wineries. If you decide to visit any of them, let us know by dropping a comment below!

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Greg is a seasoned traveler who has lived in Mexico, Italy, China and the U.S. From New Year’s in Dubai to epic sunset hikes in Panama, his journeys have taken him to almost 50 countries.

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