Perfect Rajasthan Itinerary for 7 Days (What I Did)

· My personal recommendations after traveling through Rajasthan. ·

Aug, 22, 2023

India is blossoming into one of the most important countries in the world, and it is filled with incredible places to visit. While we enjoyed visiting the Taj Mahal and Delhi, Rajasthan was the true highlight of our trip. This post will lay out the perfect Rajasthan itinerary for 7 days of travel, created out of weeks of research out outreach before we visited.

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We captured part of our Rajasthani experience in this vlog. You can also find our Udaipur trip on Youtube!

Many visitors head to the capital of New Delhi or to southern hubs like Mumbai and Goa, but Rajasthan is a special place that you won’t want to miss. On our most recent trip to India, we spent a week in New Delhi and Agra and another week traveling through Rajasthan. Rajasthan travel can be either glamorous or stressful depending on how you plan your trip, and we hope these tips help you plan a great trip.

Full disclosure: I’m not selling any tours in this post. I find that so many blog posts about India are stuffed with sales pitches and tour provider plugs. This post will contain none of that, and I am not partnering with anyone to provide this information.

Where Is Rajasthan?

Rajasthan is a state in northwestern India. It shares a border with Pakistan on its northwestern edge. It is several hundred miles to the west of Delhi.

Rajasthan is known mostly for its deserts. The Great Indian Desert, or Thar Desert, covers most of Rajasthan’s surface. The people outside of the major cities are mostly part of nomadic tribes and laborers who have been in this area for hundreds of years. 

the wall of the jaisalmer fort during daytime

Most Popular Places to Visit in Rajasthan

While there is more to Rajasthan than just major cities, they serve as the best waypoints on any trip through the state. Rajasthan is massive, and getting from one city to another usually takes at least four hours by car and can be as much as twelve hours, depending on where you go. 

There are five cities that most visitors flock to: Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, and Bikaner.


Jaipur is the biggest city in Rajasthan and it is the most commonly visited one, too. Known as the Pink City, Jaipur is the closest to Delhi and sits at the east end of Rajasthan. The city got its name when all of its buildings were painted pink to honor the British Queen Victoria. 

Nowadays, the city is known for its opulent palaces, wildlife sanctuaries, forts, and temples. The most notable palace is the pink sandstone Hawa Mahal. This massive palace along with the famous Amber Fort draws crowds from all over!

Jaipur forms the eastern point of the Golden Triangle of Rajasthan. This is a nickname for the three most culturally significant cities in Rajasthan.

One major reason to visit Jaipur is to stay in one of the city’s luxurious boutique hotels. Since Jaipur is the biggest city in Rajasthan, it is also among the most accessible. While many parts of Jaipur are inaccessible in their own right, these hotels feel like the homes of royalty.

Jaipur Airport is the largest airport in Rajasthan, which is another reason this city is so popular to visit. It makes for the perfect gateway to Rajasthan for international tourists.


Jodhpur is Rajasthan’s blue city, and it is located on the edge of the Thar desert. Known for its Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur is a great place to visit on a Rajasthan trip. It is the second-largest city in Rajasthan, and its history is as rich as anywhere else in the state.

The old city is known for its clock tower and Jaswant Thada, as well as its rooftop restaurants. Jodhpur is the closest Rajasthani city to Jaipur, which is why many visitors choose these two cities to see on their Rajasthan tour itinerary.

For a 7 day Rajasthan itinerary, Jodhpur can be the perfect stop between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur.


Jaisalmer is the most remote of any city on this list. It practically hugs the Pakistan border in northwest India. While most of Rajasthan is in the desert, Jaisalmer is known as the true desert city.

The Jaisalmer Fort, or Sonar Qila, is the city’s focal point. Located in the heart of the city, this is a living, breathing, majestic fort with thousands of actual residents. If you want to visit a local market or soak in the desert views, this is the place to go.

Jaisalmer forms the western point of the Golden Triangle of Rajasthan, and is actually known as the Golden City. If you want to do desert activities, like a camel safari or a picnic in the sand dunes, Jaisalmer is absolutely the place to go. Jaisalmer is especially famous for its luxury desert camping resorts.

Getting to Jaisalmer can be a pain, and that is the biggest hurdle to visiting. It is hundreds of miles away from the other major Rajasthani cities. It does have its own airport and railway station, but both are small and not very useful.

My Jaisalmer Travel Guide contains everything you need to know about the city before you visit.


Known as both the City of Lakes and the White City, Udaipur is a special place located in southern Rajasthan. Sitting on the manmade Lake Pichola, this city is loaded with stunning temples and forts. It forms the southern point of the Golden Triangle of Rajasthan.

The most famous place to visit in Udaipur is the City Palace, which is a massive and beautiful palace museum located in the old city. The Monsoon Temple, or Nahargarh Fort, is another stunning highlight high in the mountains with stunning views. The Jagdish Temple is another place you won’t want to miss.

Udaipur felt worlds different from the other places we visited in India. To us, it was very refreshing. We enjoyed many dinners at rooftop restaurants, visited striking palaces and temples, and stayed in a luscious white marble palace.

My Udaipur Travel Guide contains everything you need to know about the city before you visit.


While Jaisalmer is the desert city, Bikaner is actually the best city to visit for camel rides! Bikaner is famous for its camel breeding, and this lures thousands of visitors each year. It is located in the northern part of Rajasthan, not too far from the Pakistan border.

One of the biggest reasons to visit Bikaner is that it is less popular with tourists. The city has plenty of charm, but it doesn’t see nearly the crowds that Jaipur and Jodhpur see. This makes for relaxing desert safaris, a hassle-free camel ride, and an intimate opportunity to learn about the area’s rich history and culture.

Bikaner is very far from some of the other cities on this list, which is one of the main reasons it tends to get excluded from the typical 7 day Rajasthan itinerary.

Where Should You Visit in Rajasthan?

Rajasthan is one of the most-visited states in all of India. Many of its cities are ranked among the best places to visit in all of India, which is a massive country! 

We spent weeks figuring out where we wanted to go. The palaces of Jaipur, deserts of Jaisalmer, lakes of Udaipur, and temples of Jodhpur all called to us in different ways. Ultimately, after talking with friends of ours who live in India, we decided to spend our days in just Jaisalmer and Udaipur, and we did not regret that decision one bit.

Since places in the state are so far apart, you need to budget travel time into any 7 Day Rajasthan itinerary. We decided to allocate three days to Jaisalmer, three days to Udaipur, and one day to travel between them. This would have been the perfect amount of time if it weren’t for some hiccups we encountered.

If we had more time, we absolutely would have added Jaipur or Jodhpur to our itinerary. But with only 7 days, we figured it was better to see two places well rather than four places for just a day each.

How Do You Get Around Rajasthan?

Rajasthan is absolutely massive, and there isn’t great public transportation between the major cities. While there are railways and airports connecting many of these cities, actual train and flight routes are very limited.

As intimidating as it may seem, the best way to get around Jaisalmer is by hired car or van.

We initially booked flights to get from Jaisalmer to Udaipur. There was going to be a layover in Delhi. Our flight departing from Jaisalmer was delayed two full days, and our original flight arriving in Jaisalmer was delayed a full day too.

This was after the pandemic, so that isn’t even an excuse. Talking to friends, I discovered it is very common for Jaisalmer’s airport, as well as other Rajasthani airports, to be abruptly shut down for military reasons.

This can put a damper on any Rajasthan itinerary for 7 days.

We were stranded in Jaisalmer with no flights or trains heading out any time soon. We asked our hotel for a reputable transfer service, and booked a driver all the way to Udaipur. The driver picked us up at 4am and drove us happily 11 hours to Udaipur.

a cow walking along a road in india near a car
We didn’t get any pictures of the cars themselves, but this was our view for most of the driving. Lots of cows!

Driving in Rajasthan

Some people opt to rent their own car while in Rajasthan. I have mixed opinions about this. The traffic outside of major cities is not bad and driving would be pretty easy on the highways.

But once you get off the highways, I think it is a whole different story. The roads through the small towns are prone to traffic jams, and it is very easy to lose cell phone service out in the rural parts of Rajasthan. We lost service at many points along our trip.

I would not recommend renting a car, simply because a hired driver is very affordable and is accustomed to driving in the area. Our 11-hour drive for 5 people from Jaisalmer to Udaipur, in a private, new, air-conditioned van, cost just $211.

Driver Recommendation for Rajasthan

We booked our ride with Lucky Tours and Travel. This is an agency that operates all throughout Rajasthan. The company charged us just $211 for a comfortable 11 hour drive from Jaisalmer to Udaipur.

You can either contact them via their website or on Whatsapp at +919414141491. We had a perfectly fine ride with them and I’d use them again if I returned. I get no commission from you booking with them.

Is Rajasthan Safe to Visit?

All in all, Rajasthan is a very safe place to visit in India. Like anywhere, there is a risk of pickpocketing and scamming. However, this is not very common, especially if you take common precautions.

We never felt threatened while in Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer is a bit seedier than Udaipur, but we felt safe in both cities. We also felt perfectly safe traveling through the countryside from Jaisalmer to Udaipur.

To be fair, I would not have felt safe driving a rental car through some of the towns that we drove through. I felt much more comfortable having an Indian person at the wheel, as the roads were narrow and we passed through a lot of very impoverished areas.

For reference, our group included three women, one man, and one toddler. We never felt like targets, nor did we get taken advantage of despite clearly being foreigners. Compared to other places in India, Rajasthan is very safe and can be enjoyed without too many worries.

group of friends in winter jackets in the desert
Of course our son is crying in the only group picture that we have.

Rajasthan Itinerary for 7 Days Snapshot

  • Day 1: Early flight into Jaisalmer, check into luxury desert camping
  • Day 2: Spend day in Thar desert with desert camping resort
  • Day 3: Explore Bada Bagh and Jaisalmer Fort
  • Day 4: Transit to Udaipur
  • Day 5: Explore Old Udaipur, sunset boat ride
  • Day 6: Luxurious brunch followed by Monsoon Palace and rooftop dinner
  • Day 7: Visit Jagmandir, flight home

Full 7 Day Rajasthan Itinerary: Everything to Know

Day 1: Arriving in Jaisalmer

Recommended Hotel: The Kafila Desert Camp

Jaisalmer is very small and there are very few flights into and out of the city’s airport. Your best bet is to arrive into Delhi a day before and take the earliest possible flight from Delhi to Jaisalmer. From the Jaisalmer airport, I recommend taking a pre-booked taxi to your accommodation.

I think the best way to start your Rajasthan trip is by heading straight to a luxury desert camping resort. There are a lot of these, and many have good reputations. I had a hard time finding trustworthy reviews online, and ultimately chose The Kafila Desert Camp.

It was the perfect choice, and I detailed my full experience at the Kafila Desert Camp in another blog post. Check that out if you are considering going!

I recommend at least two full days, if not more, at the camp. Since the airline delayed our flight by over 24 hours, we had very limited time here. Still, we had a delicious candlelit dinner, went stargazing in the sand dunes, rode camels and horses, and more.

Day 2: Enjoying the Thar Desert at a Luxury Desert Camp

This is the perfect time to explore and soak in what the desert has to offer. In my opinion, the desert is a much better attraction that the city of Jaisalmer itself. Visit a local village, ride camels, enjoy cultural performances, eat breakfast on the sand dunes, and do whatever else your resort offers! If time permits, I recommend taking advantage of every amenity that your camp offers, as they are normally free of charge.

white king sized bed with red pillows and throw blanket
You can read our full Kafila Desert Camp review HERE.

Day 3: Explore Bada Bagh and Jaisalmer City

Recommended Hotel: Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa

On this morning, I recommend packing up your things and heading to another hotel located closer to the city. On your way to Jaisalmer, stop at Bada Bagh, which is a complex of stunning cenotaph ruins located to the west of the city. 

After this visit, head to the Jaisalmer Fort, which is the main highlight of Jaisalmer City. Thousands of people inhabit the fort to this day, and it has plenty of restaurants, stores, markets, temples, hotels, and more to explore. Once you’ve had your fill exploring the Fort, head to your hotel and rest up for the long travel day.

Day 4: Transit from Jaisalmer to Udaipur

Recommended Hotel: Aurika Udaipur

I recommend booking a private car or van to take you from Jaisalmer to Udaipur. I recommend an early start, as the trip takes 10-12 hours by car and goes through many small towns along the way. Pack food, because there are not many places to stop along the way.

If you have extra time, this is the spot in the itinerary where you could add days to visit Jodhpur. Jodhpur is only a short drive out of the way, and it makes for the perfect waypoint. However, if you are creating a 7 day Rajasthan itinerary, I advise skipping Jodhpur and heading straight to Udaipur.

Once you get to Udaipur in late afternoon, check in and grab a bite to eat at Atari restaurant.

Day 5: Explore Old Udaipur and the City Palace

Recommended Udaipur Hotel: Aurika Udaipur

On your first full day in Udaipur, you’ll want to explore the highlights of the old city. Most notably, this includes the Jagdish Temple, the City Palace. The City Palace can take several hours to get through, as it is massive and filled with things to see.

After exploring the old town, I’d recommend getting dinner at Rainbow Restaurant for great views of the lake. The food is good and the prices are very affordable.

After this, return to your hotel and enjoy any amenities it offers.

Once again, we highly recommend Aurika Udaipur as your hotel of choice. It’s safe, luxurious, and the breakfast buffet was the best we had in all of India.

Day 6: Visit the Monsoon Temple and Take a Sunset Cruise on Lake Pichola

I recommend starting your day out with a luxurious lunch at the restaurant at Udaivillas. This place books up sometimes weeks in advance but is delicious and very elegant. It’s pricey, but its an experience you’ll want to have.

Once you’ve finished, head to the foot of the Monsoon Temple. The Monsoon Temple was our favorite part about Udaipur, but visiting it can be a real trek. 

The temple is located on top of a tall mountain, and you need to hire an official driver to take you up the windy roads to the top. It feels incredibly dangerous, but it wound up being fine.

Once at the top, the views are incredible. You can see for miles in every direction, including over the downtown parts of Udaipur. The palace itself is nothing compared to the City Palace, but the views are worth the trip.

Once you get back down, I recommend heading to the port where boats leave for sunset cruises. This is close to the Rainbow Restaurant. The boat ride is stunning and relaxing and very affordable.

Day 7: Check Out of Hotel, Fly Home

On your last day, you’ll want to leave ample time to check out of your hotel and get to the airport. Udaipur’s airport is located roughly 40-50 minutes outside of the city, and traffic can make the time go way up. 

Checking out of your hotel can also take some time, as the nice resorts tend to operate a bit more slowly. The Udaipur airport has virtually no amenities, so you’ll want to leave enough time to get there, but not too much time to where you’re sitting in a drab airport for hours.

If you want to see how our itinerary panned out, you can watch our Jaisalmer and Udaipur youtube vlogs linked below.

Tips for a Longer Than 7 Day Rajasthan Itinerary

The plan I outlined above is the perfect 7 day Rajasthan itinerary, in my opinion, because it visits two of the most unique cities in Rajasthan. Not only are Jaisalmer and Udaipur unique from the rest of the state, they’re also very different from one another.

If you have more time than just a week, I recommend adding Jodhpur as a stop. As I said in the 7 day Rajasthan itinerary above, Jodhpur is the perfect halfway point between Jaisalmer and Udaipur.

If you have enough time to create a Rajasthan tour itinerary of two weeks or more, I advise ending your trip in Jaipur, which has a major international airport and is the biggest and busiest city in Rajasthan.

Please comment if you have any other questions about visiting Rajasthan! We’d love to help!



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Hi, I'm Greg. I'm an avid traveler who has traveled to over 50 countries all around the world with my wife and kids. I've lived in Italy, Mexico, China, and the United States, and I dream of moving abroad again in the future. With this blog, I provide my audience with detailed destination guides to my favorite places and pro-tips to make travel as stress-free as possible.